119# APPLE GSX Bad Case Removal -DOWN


Service hides all cases made in GSX like Denied Repairs so that Apple Authorized Service Provider will not deny Repair because of old cases.
IMPORTANT! This service does not remove Blacklist, will not Unlock Carrier, will not remove iCloud.
All old cases will not show anymore in GSX (Apple can still see the cases in iLog)

GSX Case History:
Case Date: 2017/01/17
Case Id: 1001154xxxxxx
Case Title: Purchase Validation: Activation unlock denied (Invalid POP)
Component: Find My [Device]
Modifier: SODWYER
Issue: Activation Lock issue

Case Date: 2016/08/31
Case Id: 100013xxxxxx
Case Title: Stolen iPhone, received sms message to send Apple ID details.
Component: Find My [Device]
Issue: Other - Find My [Device] issue

Case Date: 2016/04/05
Case Id: 108306xxxx
Case Title: Water damage
Component: Physical Damage
Modifier: JCOGDELL
Issue: Liquid Damage

Case Date: 2017/01/06
Case Id: 100107xxxxxx
Case Title: FMIP Support / Status Update - Details of Actions Taken - Awaiting Documentation
Component: Find My [Device]
Issue: Activation Lock issue


Delivery Time: 1-5 Minutes

Bulk Orders Allowed: Yes

Submit To Verify Allowed: No

Order Cancel Allowed: No

Service Type: Server

Order Type: IMEI

Order Processing: Manual